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Frequently asked Questions

How much and how do i pay for commission work?

Short answer:

The bigger /complex the pricier, + I need a 50% deposit, 50% upon completion.

  • An A4 standard watercolour artwork starts at 100 USD. It will still depend on the complexity of the scene and your size preferences. 

  • To confirm your booking, I will require a deposit of 50% of the final agreed portrait price. The invoice will be sent to your e-mail address. This will be non-refundable once I've committed to the work.

  • I will give you a start date, as well as the completion timeline (this will depend on my current workload, as I am doing this as a sideline)

  • The outstanding balance will be due once you approve of the final scan of the artwork and are a 100% happy with the result.

Do you ship worldwide? How much is shipping?

Short answer:

Yes, I do!

  • Shipping cost: Client to shoulder the shipping costs.

  • Courier: All prints are shipped via SINGPOST Registered Mail with limited tracking. Find more information here.

  • Fees: Usually 1-3 US$  for small to medium artwork and 3-5 US$ for larger pieces.

  • Packaging: Finished artwork and Art Shop prints will be packaged and dropped into the preferred courier by the end of the week.

  • Shipping frequency: I will ship once a week.(e.g., Orders made on Monday will be shipped on Saturday morning.)

  • Shipping time: Few days to 2 weeks. You can arrange for faster, same-day delivery shipping upon request.

How long will I wait for a commissioned art piece?

Short answer:
1 month (depending on your slot) + 2 weeks shipping time.

  • Depending on the size you choose, it can take me  5-30 days to complete an art piece and  longer for more complex and detailed works. I will always keep you updated regarding the timelines, as well as sending you regular picture updates to keep you up to date with the process.

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