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100-day drawing challenge

A late post in concluding my 100-day Drawing Challenge.

During the past few months, I've been focusing a lot on my energy on drawing. After 100+ pieces that includes commission work and standalone pieces, thought I'd share some things that I learned.

Gaining the habit of drawing consistently and committing to it.

This challenge taught me that however small the window of time for drawing, there's always a way to squeeze it in.

Improving skills in a rapid way within a short period of time.

There's a benefit of drawing fast, because you train yourself to avoid ruminating over the whole piece, letting go of some mistakes, and to fix things as they go.

Learning and Noticing the things that you like to draw.

I tried not to be constricted on a 'list' of things to draw. In a way, this allowed me to explore different media, subjects, and ideas as they come. This eventually gave some idea of the style that I like, the things I subconsciously keep repeating on my art. I don't think this process of exploring will end, but i'm just excited on how I will evolve.

Growing as a creator by starting and finishing something meaningful (for oneself!)

The journey is most important as they say. I really enjoyed the creative process of fishing something out of your subconscious. Along the way, you also get to know people that resonates with what you do, and that, in itself is already something that gives reason to create.

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