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The River we share

Our rivers are nature’s sophisticated infrastructure system for the continuous supply of fresh water, and we have worshipped them for millennia because they sustain human life, agricultural fertility, and trade/transport.

In the absence of significant public parks in our city, the Pasig river can be considered as the single ‘natural’ feature that has is accessible to all walks of life.

Working and planning with the river and other natural systems in the past, I have learned that it’s still possible to find better ways to utilize the banks of our river that will have commercial benefits.

This great asset of our city has a potential to connect all of us, not divide us.

Building the Pasig River expressway can potentially create a physical and a figurative barrier in our society that is already plagued with inequality.

When are we going to stop building walls, widening more roads for cars, and alienating ourselves from the natural features that have fed and provided us with the very life since we walked this earth?


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